Auzland is a leading property development company focusing on blue-chip suburbs. With a proven track record, we specialise in raw land identification, property acquisition, and the management of construction and marketing processes. Our fast-track approval system ensures the delivery of cutting-edge design, exceptional quality, and on-time, within-budget solutions. Leveraging our team's expertise and market insights, we bring visionary ideas to life, creating vibrant spaces that enhance people's lifestyles, work environments, and connections.
We work with a network of local and international investors who want to invest in property and businesses in Australia. We also assist Australian investors in investing in property and businesses overseas.
So, if you’re planning to invest and looking for the right investment partner, Auzland is your ideal choice.


We buy old houses close to raw-land value in the blue-chip suburbs of Sydney, we build high-end duplexes, and sell them for premium prices. 
Investors can invest in our projects for attractive returns from 10% to 20%.
Interested investors can join us as equity investors, which means they can share profit instead of receiving a fixed interest rate.
We also work with local and international investors who invest in property and businesses in Australia.


We are a group of property developers developing projects in Sydney, Melbourne, and other Metropolitan areas.
We are experienced property developers with a proven track record. Our team specialises in obtaining fast-track approvals and delivering full turn-key development within budget and timeframe. 
We also work with local and international investors who invest in property and businesses in Australia. In reverse, we identify and assist Australian investors in investing in property and businesses overseas.


Our team of property developers make the most out of property investments to achieve the best results.
We turn run-down sites within elite Sydney, Melbourne and other metropolitan suburbs into marketable, high-quality duplex homes within 15 months.
Auzland works with award-winning Sydney architects and interior designers. We create environmentally-sound designs that suit high-end and multigenerational families.
Auzland can confidently transform undervalued land and properties into profitable new developments within a 12-15 months time frame because Auzland manages its building and construction processes in-house by having an in-house builder.
Auzland partners with sophisticated investors looking for solid return on investment. Everyone wins.


With passion, our range of skills, and the drive to take a property project from the start through to completion, our team at Auzland build successful investment portfolios.
You’re in good hands as we offer you more than 25 years of our engineering, construction, property and design experience. You have peace of mind knowing you’re working with people who can achieve results.
Our business acumen and negotiation skills ensure that our projects are delivered on time, within budget, and at a very high quality.
As an investor, you can trust your reliable team at Auzland to be your smart property partner that guides you through your investment journey.



Auzland always aim for ‘win-win’ results. Our team plans and work meticulously on property investment projects that benefit everyone involved.


Auzland are experts in property investment industry.  The Auzland team collaborate closely with our investors and have their best interests at heart, giving every project our 100% dedication.


Auzland take full responsibility for all property investment decisions. We create property investment strategies based on knowledge, experience and good judgement, and stand by our choices, from beginning to end.


At Auzland, we are conscious that our clients’ future homes depend on us! Our commitment to always doing the right thing by our investors, our team and our partners, is integral to our past, present and future success.


Auzland team work together and we work with you. We value input from both our team members and investors alike to make ensure achieve the best possible results together.